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Messi vs. Ronaldo: The Clash of the Titans

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The rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo is incredibly strong. Whenever their two teams play, it is just as much of a clash between the two players. In the end, the debate is usually about which of the two performed better on the field.

Football fans now have a source of essential facts about the two players, presented in an infographic created by Betting Sites, which they can use to prove their point and win the argument. No matter which one of the two wins, it’s important to note that both are regarded as the best players in the world, beating everyone else by a large margin.

First of all, let’s talk about Ballon d’Or which is awarded annually to the best player in the world. Better known as “the Golden Ball,” this prestigious award has been earned by both players multiple times. However, Messi managed to get it five times, whereas Ronaldo is one Golden Ball shorter.


According to on-field stats, it seems that Messi is the better performing player. He scores a goal every 100min and 26sec, assists every 264min and 16sec, and participates in a goal every 71min and 20sec.

Compare that to Ronaldo who scores a goal every 112min and 13sec, assists every 345min and 09sec, and participates in a goal every 84min and 36sec. It seems the numbers say it all in this case.

On the other hand, Ronaldo has scored more goals during his professional career than Messi. He shook the goalkeeper’s net 572 times, whereas Messi managed to do it 552 times so far. The situation is similar when we only look at the league matches. Ronaldo scored 397 goals, while Messi managed to score 383 goals.

Therefore, the conclusion might seem obvious, but the things are not that black and white, which you can see for yourself if you take a closer look at the infographic below.
Messi is completest thing you can watch in football. He is the most joyous thing to watch on TV and he performs miracles on the pitch no other footballer can do