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Picks writing rules

User accept and must respect all rules written below.

1. Tips Writing:

1.1. We recomment that your betting pick be reasoned, by two or more sentences but it's neccesary.

1.2. Minimum odds - 1.35

1.3. Max stakes (9/10, 10/10) 300 per month

1.4. The information about amount of tips that you can make at one day is below:

a) 15 picks for each day for any visitor

b) picks must be added at least 30 minutes before match starts

1.5. You can't say anything offensive on players, at any of your tips.

1.6. You can't make tips, using wrong team names or league names, if you made a mistake, you should report it to administration to edit it, otherwise tip will be removed.

1.7. Tips isn't for your personal statistic. You should make tips useful for other people.

1.8. You can only make a tip which requires only single event, no combos, or other tips which require more events is allowed.

1.9. If you can't find league or championshio in choose list, you must write it on you comment.

1.10. The information about odds and the highest profits below:

a) If odds < 3, the highest stakes 7/10
b) If odds < 5, the highest stakes 4/10

2. You can't use any kind of offense on other users at forum or at comments. You can't use offensive words as well.

3. You can't write OffTopic. You can create a new thread only if you can't find any simiral threads.

4. Betblog administration isn't take responsibility of any users published information. If administration note some violation of any rule, they can punish user (just warning or even delete him/her).

5. The rules can be changed anytime by administration. All changes you can find here.

6. After every month administration can look at every user tips, check it, and if it's break any of rules, user can be removed from tipsters list.