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  • Skrill is a way to transfer virtual money when you want to transfer your money to another person or gambling company, by knowing only e-mail. (Fee is 1%, max 10 EUR. Recipient doesn’t pay taxes)
  • Skrill is very often used by gambling companies.
  • Registration of Skrill account
  • After registering and filling in your correct information and email, you will be able to change this information later. However, every time you will need to verify the authenticity of the information. You will also be able to log in as many email addresses to the Skrill account as you want.
  • You can open your Skrill account with different currencies.
  • Skrill doesn’t have any monthly or annual fees!
  • How does Skrill work?
  • Skrill is virtual money and the only thing you need to do is to transfer money into your Skrill e-account and then you can transfer these funds for people who have Skrill accounts or payment methods. You can also send money to e-mail addresses who haven’t registered on Skrill yet – people will receive notifications and they will get money after they sign up.
  • Rates of money transfers or withdrawals you can find here:
  • How you can pay with Skrill online?
  • When you pay for services or goods online, you have to choose a payment method which is Skrill (If the company provides this payment method, you can see Skrill logo on the page) and you need to enter your Skrill e-mail and the amount of money and follow the instructions on the Secured Skrill Web site that opens. Money will be transferred instantly.
  • Money limit on Skrill
  • Each customer has a different limit of money transferring. It all depends on confirmation of identity – you will be able to use higher limits when you confirm more facts about yourself.
  • You can also buy Skrill card which is cheap with which you will be able to pay at all services where you can pay with cards.

You can ask about Skrill in our forum on this topic.  

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