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Football Handicap Betting Explained

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We all know about traditional football betting types such as 1X2, but have you ever wondered what a handicap is? In football betting, a handicap is a type of bet offered when the difference between the teams is significant so much that a bet on the traditional odds doesn’t offer anything substantial in return. This isn't enticing to players, so in order to make things more attractive, bookmakers apply a handicap on the teams. If you'd like to see some examples on handicap football bets, click here and select the sportsbook section.
Handicap football bets are quite popular nowadays and are also known as line betting and Asian handicap. There are 3 types of handicap bets you can wager on, each one with its pros and cons.

How Does It Work?

Single Handicap
Single handicap bets are offered when the teams differ in quality too much. In this case, the bookmaker applies a handicap on the final outcome of the match. The superior team is usually being given a handicap of –1, -2 or more goals – in this case, betting on a team with a handicap of –1 goal means that they must win by more than one goal in order to cover the handicap and make you a winner. If they win by only one goal, the result is seen as a draw and the betting slips are refunded.

Level Handicap
The level handicap bet is offered when the teams are perceived as equal, so they both start with a handicap of 0. Betting on a level handicap means placing a bet on one team to score more goals than the other. This type of bet eliminates the draw – if the game ends in a draw, all bets are refunded.

Split Handicap
The final type of handicap bet is offered when the difference between the two teams is almost non-existent, which allows you to cover two handicaps and boost your winnings. In this case, a team will be offered with a handicap of 0 or –0.5 for example. If you put a bet on this team and they lose, it won't cover both handicaps and you lose your bet.

If the match ends in a draw, the 0 half of your wager will be refunded, but you will lose the other half. If your selection wins, you will be paid for both handicaps.
Most players avoid handicaps as they don't know how they work. Now that we're explained it, you can try your hand at different betting systems and maybe turn a pound to thousands like this lucky gal!
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