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Major Sporting Events This Summer That You Can Place A Bet On

Betting has been popular since its first inception. With the rise of the internet, it was just a matter of time before online sportsbooks were introduced to the general public for widespread use. Online betting has made the lives of millions of punters easier, due to the easy access to online betting websites, which has in turn drastically increased the popularity of betting. There’s been an influx of new bettors as well, due to the lowering of the entry barrier.

Online betting has made betting on punter’s favorite teams easier due to the lower cost, and better betting odds as well. Lots of online betting websites have different kinds of promotions for all kinds of sports both sports played on a field, and even sports that are played online, also known as e-sports. All you need to do to bet online is provide the chosen online sportsbook provider with some basic demographic information and have a valid method of payment. The process is that simple

With that said, let’s take a look at some sports and sporting events which will likely have great traction this summer, and will be ripe to bet on.

What Sporting Events Should I Bet on This Summer?

Thanks to modern technology pretty much every sport and sports event can be watched online. That means sports that were previously unavailable to watch and bet on due to lack of viewership because you had to watch the sport on TV, or go to see it live. Online sportsbooks now have a plethora of available sports to be on. Some betting sites like Betway, offer first deposit discounts or bonuses.

You can claim a Betway promo code, and use it to get £10 free on your first £10 deposit. Extremely convenient especially for people on a budget. And now, let’s delve into the details of the best sporting events to bet on this summer.


This June you have the opportunity to bet on one of the most popular sporting events in the history of tennis which is the French Open, and for fans of golf, there is of course the men's and women’s US Open golf event. The weather may still be cooler in June, but that doesn’t make this month any less hot for betting events. For fans of tennis and golf, June is a joyous month.


If you’re British, July is like Christmas all over for you. Britain is well known for having a hardcore sports fanbase, especially when it comes to football. Lovers of F1 will rejoice, as the British Grand Prix kicks off this month on the 3rd of July, and starts a whole series of great sporting events in Britain. The F1 British Grand Prix is followed closely by the UEFA Women’s European Championship 2022 which is going to be held at a total of 10 stadiums across the whole country. If this isn’t good news for sports fans, I don’t know what is.

But that’s not all for British fans. The 10th of July marks the start of the Golf Open Championship which starts in St. Andrews. This event is followed by the 22nd Commonwealth Games which start in Birmingham. And as if that wasn’t enough, we have the Wimbledon tennis finals starting on the 9th of July. July is the perfect month for new and veteran bettors alike.


August is a month when an old season of sports finishes, and a new series of sports begins. Summer looks like never-ending joy for fans of sports. On the 6th of August, the English Premier League kicks off, which marks another great season for fans of football, and one of the most important events in British sports. As football is the most popular sport to bet on, this might be the perfect time to start betting if you haven’t done so. Fans of cycling will be able to enjoy Spain’s Vuelta a Espana which starts on the 12th and Athletics European Championship which starts on the 11th. Tennis fans will be overjoyed as well, as the US open stars on the 29th. With Daniil Medvedev winning the last one, things should get pretty interesting.

This is pretty much it for the sporting events you will be able to bet on this summer. If you are new to betting you can make use of different tools such as this odds margin calculator, to help you better calculate your odds for any game. Good luck!


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