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5 Underrated Sports You Should Check Out This Summer

As the summer season approaches, the major football tournaments are going on hiatus, and there are a few months when basketball is also missing from the screens. These sports tend to steal the show, grabbing the attention of punters all over the world. But the summer period is the perfect time to discover other, underrated disciplines that can be just as exciting to bet on. Here are a few that you should check out this summer.

Table tennis

Table tennis, or ping pong, is a fast-paced sport that requires players to be agile, fast, and precise. The matches are fast, intense, and unpredictable, making it a perfect sport for those looking not just to bet but also to be excited about an event.

The World Table Tennis Championships Finals take place around this time in Durban, South Africa. Click here to check out the odds for this major event.


While Darts is not as physically demanding as other sports, it does take a lot of focus, precision, and accuracy. Those thinking of it as just another pub game should think again: the sport has a large following all over the world, especially in the UK, which even hosts an annual World Championship event with a 2.5 million pound prize pool.

The vast majority of serious betting outlets cover at least the major darts events held around the world.


Here’s another sport that some think of as a fun outdoor activity when in fact, it is a serious sport with a global federation and a status as an official Olympic sport since 1992: badminton.

Badminton is a highly competitive racket sport with a dedicated fan base, present among the sports covered by the majority of bookmakers online.

Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is fun to play but it’s also fun to follow - and to bet on. This outdoor variety of popular indoor sports has a passionate fan base and - as you might expect - an international federation. Plus, it is an official Olympic sport since the 1990s.

This year’s Beach Volleyball World Championships will be held in Mexico between October 6-15.


Pool is a skill-based game, and its big brother, snooker, adds strategy to the mix. It is an elegant sport that requires precision. It is not a fast-paced sport, but it has its moments of intensity and surprise.

Final words

While football and basketball may take a break during the summer, there is no shortage of underrated sports to capture your attention and ignite your betting enthusiasm. Table tennis, darts, badminton, beach volleyball, and snooker offer unique experiences, passionate athletes, and thrilling moments that deserve your consideration.

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