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Generation Z or Zoomers change the reality of casinos

Daniel Salle, an expert in gambling innovation and chairman of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas thinks that in the era of change, the gambling industry no longer has the right to stay the same. The researcher backed up his point of view with years of observations of young people between the ages of 16 and 20. Yes, yes, that's the generation "Z" or "Zoomers": people born in the families of millennials. What is so special about them that can lead to collapse of traditional gambling? Let's find out...

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First, let's understand the character of the representatives of Generation Z. People who born in the millennium (2000) do not understand: how can you do without tablets, smartphones, three-dimensional graphics and augmented reality. "Zoomers" are often called "digital man". They cannot imagine the world without new technologies, of which their parents (by the way, from the Millennial generation) and even more so their grandparents did not even dream. However, science fiction writers of the last century wrote about something similar, but that's not what we're talking about now...

The Zoomers are a unique generation, the first on Earth to be born in the digital age. This has its own imprint. It is generally accepted that "Zoomers" are people who are highly dependent on smartphones. In clinical psychology, there is even a new disease: Nomophobia (from no mobile-phone phobia) - the fear of being without or away from a smartphone. This phobia is of global proportions and so far, there are no methods to effectively combat the addiction.

However, some experts do not consider "Zoomers" to be addicts. Daniel Salle considers himself to be one of them. He says that "Generation Z" is different. The people of 2000 are "very social" and the smartphone is like a means of quick communication with peers and beyond. "Digital people" will change our world and all areas of human activity. Not overnight, of course. That is why all industries, including gaming, must navigate the new realities. If they want to stay afloat of course. The great example of change in the gambling industry can be tracked if you visit online casino Casinonic is the first Australian casino to implement VR social casino games on their platform to meet the requirements of new generation.

Zoomers dictate rights

Gambling, which we all know and understand, has traditionally preached a personalized approach. It's a kind of "isolation" factor where there's only one player and the game. For example, in a classic Las Vegas slot room, there are always many visitors, but they are all "on their own" drifting on personal rafts in a sea of excitement. This approach is completely alien to the "Zoomers."

The Z generation strive to maintain group cohesion even in gambling. This largely explains the popularity of online gambling among young people. According to researchers from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, the concept of "cohesion" of the players will be a promising vector for casinos in the digital age.

The casino is changing

Daniel Salle believes that casinos and game content developers should use the new concept of "player cohesion" more actively. In other words, they should make games in which fans of gambling entertainment could try their luck collectively. Researchers from various software studios are attracting young people to the project - students from 18 to 20 years. They often have a better understanding of what traditional games lack in order to become successful in their environment.

Daniel Salle says that even in a complex project, the Zoomers actively communicate and try to come up with unconventional ideas. This interaction is like a reality show that combines game theory and mathematical background with entertainment.