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5 Reasons Why Brazil Can Win FIFA World Cup 2022

Brazil and the World Cup have a long history together. The name of the World Cup, which occurs every four years, undoubtedly derives from the most popular question, "Where is Brazil?" Since then,  Brazil is the undisputed favorite to win that World Cup, regardless of the lineup.

This will surely be the same atmosphere happening in November's World Cup in Qatar. About four months ago, there has been a growing sense of optimism that Neymar will return the World Cup to Brazil this year. However, many said that Brazil is not anticipated to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. 

However, only football enthusiasts can say that these statistics do not apply to Brazil, certainly not during the World Cup. Of course, Brazil is the favorite because of what makes the World Cup. Therefore, it is essential to justify why Brazil is the tournament favorite. There are five crucial qualities why Brazil can stand out in this FIFA World Cup. 

The Neymar Show 

The PSG star has reached the age of 30. In October of last year, he made clear that Qatar might leave the national squad following the World Cup. Neymar will play his final FIFA World Cup in Brazil this year. 

There are connections between this situation and the Brazilian World Cup team from 1970, which was also  Pele's last World Cup. Stars like Tostao, Carlos Alberto, Rivelino, Garson, and Georgino were standing next to him. Both Pel and Neymar had the most goals for Brazil in that World Cup's history.

Lastly, in October of last year, Neymar stated that helping Brazil conquer the World Cup was his current top priority. Before retiring, Neymar would like to add his name to the long list of legendary Brazilian athletes who have achieved the World Cup. Nevertheless, he possesses the necessary attributes. Brazilian supporters now anticipate that Neymar will arrive at the World Cup in good shape and with a positive attitude.

Experience & Tradition

In the usual FIFA World Cup final, 69 teams will compete in the grand round. However, only eight teams, Brazil, Spain, England, France, Argentina, Uruguay, Italy, and Germany have won the World Cup. Only one of these champions, Brazil, has participated in the World Cup's knockout stages.

In other words, Brazil has never been defeated at the World Cup by any team. The fact that the squad has triumphed many times indicates the importance of this experience. Brazil tops the chart with 63 victories in 109 games played throughout the World Cup. It doesn't matter how much experience a team has if they're leading the race for the championship. Will Brazil be able to successfully incorporate this culture and experience this November? 


One player would never win a World Cup, as the cliché goes. However, this saying might not be possible this time. Are you familiar with the World Cup quarterfinal game between Brazil and Belgium? Due to a yellow card, Brazilian midfielder Casemiro was unable to participate in the match.

At that moment, Kevin de Bruyne and Eden Hazard scooped up the Brazilian midfielder. De Bruyne must surely remember that goal. Also,  Romelu Lukaku almost went unnoticed by the game as he reached a dangerous region of Brazil on the field. That said, Brazil was then eliminated from the game.

Today, Casemiro is one of Brazil's star players. In this World Cup, the midfield players take a crucial role, and every team hopes to acquire a Casemiro-like tank ability. It is what makes Brazil the best FIFA team. 

Form Of Attack & Coordination 

Since the FIFA World Cup was established, Brazil’s coordination and form of attack have been solid. The fans can find hope by considering all of this, even if Neymar plays a little bit behind, Lucas Paketa's understanding with him, and the effort to break the defense with a one-two pass. 

Moreover, it's similar to running with Vinicius' ball from the left end while observing the rest of the ball's movement; in other words, the opposition's defense naturally creates space for excellent movement.

Brazil will lead in the offensive with two ends despite having fewer fullbacks than usual thanks to wingers like Vinicius, Rodrygo, and Rafinha. Additionally, Neymar-Paketa occasionally appears to incite fear.

Not Just Neymar’s Play 

Neymar is in fact, Brazil's top World Cup star in Qatar. Is it possible to ensure the World Cup's win by relying just on the star player? Football must often be played in a group because it is a team sport. Brazil saw the effects of relying solely on Neymar in the 2018 and 2014 World Cups. Despite being totally fit, the PSG star was unable to participate in the past World Cup owing to an injury. The question is, what if something similar occurs again? 

For several months, Tito has been preparing the attack with this concern in mind. . With Vinicius finally receiving permission to enter the center, Rafinha-Antonio is expanding the area with the right wing. A "three in one" midfielder, Paketa was developed by the Brazilian coach. Playing, attacking, and stopping alongside one another as well as startling shots from outside the box have become habits for Paketa.

Final Thoughts 

While Argentina, a team loaded with talents that includes captain Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martinez, stands a good chance in Qatar, Brazil is the only South American team that has the talent. Also, they got players who have the pre-tournament form to end the nation's World Cup drought. Can Brazil regain its supremacy? Let's see. 

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