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Can’t decide which sport you should place your bets on?

Online sports betting industry is continuously emerging, and many traditional punters have transitioned to online. Some of the most popular sports with the largest betting markets include English football (soccer), American football, and basketball. There are also a large percentage of horse racing bettors and boxing bettors. But really, which sports should you really choose when betting online?


In the modern-day betting, it’s becoming more convenient but more competitive since it now has a wider reach. Newbie punters usually go for the most popular sport - football betting, but what you should really bet on is a game or a sport that you are most passionate about.

Ever since the dawn of the ancient Romans, sports betting has already been around. However, they used to place bets on chariot races and animal fights. Nowadays, you can bet on any type of sport and even e-games!

To bet on your most favourite sports, it is convenient to use a sports trading platform so that you can bet on different bookmakers, games, and markets using a single-wallet. Most betting aggregators also offer a lot of promotions and bonuses for their customers.


If you’re not yet sure which sports are your favourites or which sports you are passionate about, here is a list of some of the most popular sporting events around the world:

1. Football

FIFA World Cup, European Football, and any kind of football (soccer) game is the most popular around the world and uncomplicated to bet on, even when there are different types of football betting, all of them are easy to understand and are surely enjoyable. There’s around 3.5 Billion football fans globally and there’s no doubt it is the most popular for punters as well.

2. Basketball

A popular sport in America that has influenced the global market, basketball is a great sport to bet on, specifically the NBA Finals. There’s a lot of games ongoing per season and punters really enjoy the thrill of not knowing which team would win in every game. There are over 2 Billion people who watch and bet on the NBA Finals each season.

3. American Football

Over 400 Million people watch and bet on the Super Bowl each year, and the number is continuously growing. It’s one of the most awaited sporting events. Although it is another originally American sport, punters around the world are very willing to wager on it. 

Other sports that have millions of fans globally are:

4. Cricket
5. Tennis
6. Horse Racing
7. Hockey
8. Volleyball
9. Baseball
10. Boxing

You can try betting on at least three different sports to find out which ones you enjoy most and
which ones give you the best benefit. What’s important is that you understand the mechanics of
the game itself and the rules of online betting using your platform of choice.


Although most people bet on popular sports, there are still some enjoyable sporting events out
there that might spark your interest in sports betting. These include:

1. Wrestling
World Wrestling Entertainment still has a lot of fans who have their favourite wrestlers. It
is also one of the options you can make since betting on WWE is as simple as choosing
which contender would win a match.

2. Chess
The game of Chess has existed for a thousand of years already but there are still a few
number of people who bet on it. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you know the
game, you will surely enjoy betting on the players.

3. E-sports
Online games are emerging with the technological advancements. To bet on Dota,
League of Legends, Mobile Legends, Counter Strike, among many others are fun and
enjoyable to watch especially now that almost everything is online.

There is actually a very wide variety of sports to bet on that you might not even know of. Here
are some of the other unpopular sports that you can research about:

4. Arm wrestling
5. Sumo wrestling
6. Cornhole
7. Jai Alai
8. Rock, Paper, Scissors
9. Pesäpallo
10. Cheese Rolling

Whichever sports you want to bet on, the whole point is to do your best to earn profit while enjoying the whole process. Head on to the best sports trading platform and start betting on your favourite sports!