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Football Corners Betting Explained

The game of football is decided on whose team scored the most. 

Football corner betting revolves around the game of football. It comprises one goalkeeper and ten outfield players, each to maneuver the ball at the opposite post. The match is decided on whose team scores the most, and corner betting occurs during the game. 

In recent years, corner betting has attracted many football fans across the globe because of its seeming unpredictability and relatively high odds. And on top of that, football corner betting doesn't associate with whose team won the match; instead, it focuses solely on whose team has taken more corners.

Although football corner betting may sound (amazing), it consists of more than just predicting whose team wins. It involves a high level of intuition and a deep understanding of how the game works. Also, many areas shall be considered before placing bets, and it's imperative to research and analyze the team’s roster, which the goal defender is, weather condition, and match statistics to get higher odds.

Corner betting strategies

Many bettors have taken many accounts in betting, and here are some popular strategies that you need to know beforehand.


It is a widely known strategy in football corner betting to put bets before the match begins. Many bettors will check first on each team list to have better visuals on the game. Bettors will have a chance on who has a high chance of taking opposite goals and help predetermine how many goals each team may win at the start of the match. 

In-Play Strategy

One of the best corner betting techniques that many corner betting players are practicing. Many things have been researched before the start of the game. It is also essential to make complex observations on the players playing on the field and how they contribute to the match. The statistics of the game can help shape your decisions. It allows the punter to create an understandable outcome hence making the odds of winning.

A corner race-first to bet lets you pick the team that will shoot the most corners first. Any number, such as 3, 6, 8, 9, or 10, could be used. Here's an example. A race to six corners between teams A and B can be predicted. You win the bet if your chosen team shoots the specified amount of corners first. Other race markets require you to determine how long it will take for the first corner to be given. The choices could be grouped into groups of 0-5 minutes, 6-10 minutes, and so on.


Betting Corners in a football game nowadays are represented by many types of betting markets. Some of these markets are the following:

Predicting the number of corners

Corner handicap betting suggests that one side has been given a numerical advantage or disadvantage. Several corners can be used to handicap or offer a head start aside. Here's a sample. In a match between Juventus and Sevilla, you can choose Juventus to win by -2.5 corner kicks. The bet is won if Juventus wins at least three corner kicks over Sevilla.

Halftime corners is a totals bet in which you guess how many corners will be awarded in the first half of the game. In the first half, the totals of both teams are added together. You can either forecast a specific figure or use the over-under market, in which you set the first-half barrier. This option has a better chance of winning than the total corner market.

On the other hand, the total corners market refers to the entire amount of corners awarded in a game. Therefore, to win the game, you must precisely predict the number of corners that will be granted. However, most major bookmakers provide you with the option of selecting a threshold for the number of corner kicks to be made to reduce the danger. As a result, the total number of corners varies from team to team, ranging from 3 to 10.

The first/last corner bet lets you guess which team will get the first/last corner in the game. Bookmakers may subdivide these bets so that you may forecast each corner independently, or they may combine them to increase your odds. Here's a list of popular choices. The first corner is at home, the last corner is away, and the first/last corner is at home/away. If your selection matches the team that shoots the first/last corner, you win.


Still vary depending on the level of understanding and how you make better presumptions of the game—the odds of winning football corner betting never influence the odds on whoever wins the match. So the most important thing to remember before placing your bets in football corner betting is always to have thorough research.

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