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Asian Handicap Betting Tips at Fun88

The world of Football Betting is very large with many terms and technical terms. With online betting experience, today Fun88 from BET88 we will show you how to play handicap of Asia with the full English name is Asian Handicap.

Normally when each match takes place, the House makes many different types of rafters but for Asian handicap, it is used very widely for betting community in Asia. Follow the article below to understand tips to play.

What is Asian Handicap?

Handicap is also known as Asian handicap, this is a handicap based on the odds (price per game) of Asian bookmakers to serve betting players.

With handicap, Fun88 betting experts will study the upcoming matches and calculate based on many different aspects to predict the outcome of the match, and then make a bet for each door to Players choose. Of course, the calculation from Fun88 must also meet high accuracy requirements in order to attract more players to join, through the door where players can earn a lot of interest.

Handicap markets are focused on developing in the Asian market mainly, with the purpose of assessing the strength of the two teams, creating a balance in the game from the perspective of players.

Handicap odds:

To play handicap, the player needs to have a good understanding of the handicap ratio. For experienced players, it will feel Asian rafters are not too complicated, but for first-time players, it will be difficult to distinguish and bet. Here are some ratios summarized by Fun88 that you can refer to.

Field (Odds 0): Two teams have equal performance, neither team accepts any team.

Half-ball field (Odds 0-1 / 4): The team will accept the team with less than 1/4 ball. If at the end of the match the score is lost, the player will lose the bet when betting on the team on the top, while betting on the bottom team will win all bets.

Handicap halves (odds of 0.5): the house will give the handicap on the team that is less than 0.5 odds. If the match ends in a tie, the player who bet on the top bet loses, the bet on the bottom bet wins.

Handicap 1: Over the team will accept the lower team. If the match ends on the winning team by a difference of 2 goals then bet on the team to win on the whole bet, and vice versa.

Tips to play and win big money from Fun88:

Priority for small handicap bets: In matches, the majority choose the home team will have more advantages. However, there are also stronger team matches. So when the handicap is against the home team, you should choose the handicap from 0.5 to 1 when you see the strength of the two teams is not equal.

Bet on the half of the match: the form of betting in a round is a smart choice that professional players on Fun88 often apply when playing Asian handicap betting. Bets made by a player will have a more accurate estimate of the probability of winning their team than the bets.

Bet on an important matches: Players should choose the attractive and important hot match to bet. Players can choose decisive matches, championship matches between the two strongest teams of the tournament or the matches many brothers bet on.


In general, the Asian betting market makes it easy for players of Fun88 to identify which team is strong, which is weak, and with their own knowledge and experience, players will easily make an accurate decision.

So, you can understand what is handicap and experience when playing Asian handicap on Fun88 at BET88, right? You bet your life in addition to the above mentioned races, there are many types of rafters and other odds ratios that you can find out in other articles. I wish you every success with your choices.