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The Triple Crown Series 2020: Changes and Predictions for Belmont Stakes

When the year started, every horse racing fan, trainers, experts, and bettors were already looking forward to the Triple Crown Leg taking its form. Everyone was excited when the announcement of the Kentucky Derby will take place in May. Unfortunately, the world is caught in a tragic pandemic that led to all the economic crises, sports event cancellation, and delays.

However, the NYRA (New York Racing Association) is persistent with making the most anticipated horse racing event of the year possible. There are preliminary changes with the Triple Crown Leg races' scheduled dates, some adjustments for the racing horses, and major changes in how the entire leg will proceed.

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Major changes for the Triple Crown Leg Schedule run dates.

For years, the most famous Triple Crown leg commenced with the Kentucky Derby as the first part of the leg, followed by the Preakness Stakes, and the last part (and considered the longest race of the leg), the Belmont Stakes. But for the first time in the Triple Crown Series Series' history, all of these will be changed.

In an interview, the NYRA President & CEO Dave O'Rourke announced on Tuesday, May 19th, that the Belmont Stakes will be held on June 20th, forming an entirely different Triple Crown leg this year. This is right after the announcement of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who was showing his support to put back the sports industry to its feet amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The previous announcements declared that the Kentucky Derby would be held on May 2nd, followed by the Preakness Stakes on May 16th. The Belmont Stakes, on the other hand, released no announcement.

However, this time, the entire leg order has changed. The Belmont Stakes will take up the first part of the leg on June 20th, followed by the Kentucky Derby on September 5th, and lastly, by the Preakness Stake on October 3rd. This might be a new race sequence for the prestigious horse racing event, but rest assured that it is still the Triple Crown Series we know.

Belmont Stakes unprecedented racing changes.

It is well-known that the Belmont Stakes is the most grueling race among the three. It’s one of the reasons why it is placed last. One time, in the history of the series, the Belmont Stakes took the second part of the leg, but have never taken first. This is the first time since 1926 that it will be changed.

O'Rourke explained these changes, stating that it must take place to consider the racing horses. The Belmont Stakes is usually set as the last part of the leg, which allows horses to run on different racing events while staying in shape for a longer race.

But this time, placing Belmont Stake as the first part of the leg will considerably shorten the race. It can be difficult for a developing three-year-old horse to race at such distance after being unable to run and race for months. 

Also, no live audience or spectators will be allowed on the racing venue. This is to maintain the strictly imposed social distancing measures implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, thanks to the sports entertainment industry, the event will air on TV and other streaming services. Fans and experts alike can watch the event live in the comfort of their homes. Furthermore, with no audience attendance, the prize decreased from $1.5 million to $1 million.

A sneak peek for Belmont Stakes racing prediction.

The moment the new race schedule has been announced, the Triple Crown Series will start with the Belmont Stakes. It is highly expected that many horse racing experts' predictions for this leg will be the next talk of the town.

A recent race update shows there will be at least 16 horses that will race this year. Leading the bets are Tiz the Law (who conquered the Florida Derby), and Charlatan (who won the Arkansas Derby's Division). These two favorites are expected to dominate the Belmont Stakes this year.

Jody Demling of Sportsline already made his Belmont Stakes prediction list. Demling is known to be the handicapper who hit the Oaks-Derby double during the Churchill Downs.

Demling also had an unforgettable Belmont Stakes moment in 2017. He was spot on with his predictions, going all-in with Tapwrit against Irish War Cry. Tapwrit managed to win his exacta, superfecta, and trifecta.

Another memorable prediction of Demling was when he made an all-in on Justify during the Belmont Stakes 2018, with the horse snagging victory and becoming the 13th Triple Crown leg winner. Many sports insiders suggest checking on Demling before placing and making a bet for the upcoming race.


Amidst the trials brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the horse racing industry is thriving and showing steadfastness for its fans around the world. Despite all the changes, many are still looking forward to the upcoming races, hoping that their favorite horses will win when the race commences. Let us all hope for all good things to happen when the most anticipated horse racing event finally takes its moment.