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DFS NFL Championship Bets: Ranking The Week 15 Finest Tight Ends

One of the hybrid positions needed in a professional football tournament is the tight ends. The players under these roles serve as the offensive linemen, blockers, at the same time, the catchers. They had to be quick, attentive, and need fast footwork to receive, pass, and stop their rival team from making football goals.

Tight ends mostly caught the undervalued football members, but they do the most job inside the field. In the upcoming Super Bowl championship rounds, a team should have a solid TE and a good game plan and work with all the players in the lineup.

As Week 15 progresses in the 2020 NFL season, the Divisional Rounds will happen this weekend. It is another intense elimination you should not miss, as you place your bet you can identify the deserving groups to vie for the Lombardi trophy this year. Meanwhile, this is also when you can bet on DFS plays while waiting for the said round to happen.

To help you build a winning DFS football roster, here are this week’s best ten TEs to choose from.

Travis Kelce

Working for seven years with the defending champs, the Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelce is more than just a tight end. Upon joining the Chiefs, he was awarded the 2nd best TE who made more than 100 receptions. That said, he now leads the fantasy ranking earning 16.4 fantasy points this week.

Robert Tonyan

Robert Tonyan joined his first offseason with the Lions in 2017 but joined the Green Bay Packers.  In his current scorecard, Tonyan has accomplished 66 receptions, 763 receiving yards, with 13 touchdowns. It is why he sits next to Kelce in the DFS ranking garnering at least 8.11 fantasy points.

Mark Andrews

Garnering 8.11 fantasy points as the Ravens earned a spot in the Divisional Rounds, Mark Andrews is an excellent choice to include in your next DFS roster. He got into the Ravens in 2018 and worked immediately as a starting TE. His current accomplishments include 156 receptions,  2, 105 receiving yards, and 20 touchdowns.

Rob Gronkowski

Every football fan was thinking that Rob Gronkowski had retired in the NFL after a disappointing defeat he got for the Pats. To everyone’s surprise, Gron signed a deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, joining his former teammate, Tom Brady. This week in the  DFS TE ranking, Gron is at 4th place, garnering 6.72 fantasy points.

Jared Cook

Jared Cooks has 6.36 fantasy points, which let him earn the 5th rank in this weeks’ DFS ranking. He has been the starting TE for the New Orleans Saints since 2019. Looking into his 2020 NFL statistics, Cook accomplished 505 receptions, 6,673 receiving yards, and 41 touchdowns.

Tyler Higbee

Working for four years in the Los Angeles Rams bucket, Tyler Higbee has served as the starting lineup for tight ends. As his team earned a berth in the Divisional Rounds, he is also one of the best choices to make in the DFS football game, where he presently earned 5.67 fantasy points.

Since the season started until today, Higbee accomplished 173 receptions, 1, 927 receiving yards, and 12 touchdowns.

Austin Hooper

With 5.15 fantasy points, Austin Hooper makes it to the TE fantasy rankings this week. He is playing for the Cleveland Browns, who’s one of the groups that sneaks out a surprising comeback in the NFL this year. His current form looks better at 260 receptions, 2, 679 receiving yards, and 20 touchdowns.

OJ. Howard

As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers survived a tough  Wildcard Week, they head a few more steps away in the Super Bowl LV slate. OJ. Howard was one of the reasons why this team was successful this year. He has accomplished 105 receptions, 1, 602 receiving yards, and 14 touchdowns. Also, he got 4.65 fantasy points for DFS football betting.

Tyler Kroft

Buffalo Bills entered the 2020 NFL season, devastating all the teams they go up against. As Tyler Kroft served as the starting TE, this man has made the Bills path clearer than the previous years. His fantasy points are at 4.39, and he is a good TE fantasy pick.

Dawson Knox

Working together with Kroft, Dawson Knox has gone too far in the TE position in his sophomore year. He already made 52 receptions, 676 receiving yards, and five touchdowns since the season opened last September. Also, he occupies that last slot for DFS TE ranking with 3.52 fantasy points.


A solid and successful NFL lineup is not complete without the best tight ends. The same with DFS football, your goal of earning big isn’t possible without choosing the right cornerbacks. Thus, in this Weeks’ DFS football plays, take time to know the ten leading TEs listed above to choose the best among the rest.