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Germany Switzerland - Croatia

06/19 13:00
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Germany: They have already proven that they are ready for the Euros, with a 5-1 win, even though it was against 10-man Scotland, but they have also shown a good team game before that, only needing a win against Peru to reach the R16, so it's a good and simple program to achieve that against Hungary, who fell to Switzerland 3-1 and didn't really prove anything, unless the fact that they are completely unprepared to play normally.

Switzerland: both teams have shown something, the Swiss that they can play well and ideally, and the Scots only showed that they are very naive, maybe it didn't work out for them against the Germans, they will probably try not to repeat mistakes, but who knows if it will work out, maybe they will manage to hold on to a draw, as they are hard to see through. Additionally, the Swiss also only need 1 win for the R16, so they can definitely take advantage of this program, as they will play against the Germans next and it will certainly be more difficult.

Croatia: Both teams surprised, both the Croats and the Albanians, the Albanians surprised with such fast goals, but I think most would agree that it was due to Italian carelessness, as in the end the Italians quickly secured a 2-1 win. Croatia was very disappointing, but if I'm not mistaken, they certainly did not give up and even though they didn't manage to score a goal, they certainly put in the effort to defend against the Spaniards, who also played very well, so we cannot underestimate the Croats now, especially because of Spain's good game. If the Croats want to fight for the Euros, this game against Peru is VERY important for them, so I think they will put in a lot of effort and in the end we will see if it was successful or not.

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