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MZT Skopje - Skopje

MZT Skopje lost the last 5 games played in all competitions and are in weak form today they play at home against Cedevita , game from ABA League . Both are run`n`gun teams bet will be over 165,5 points for example the last 2 games played by MZT Skopje in ABA league had 166 and 167 points + 5 from the last 6 games played by Cedevita had over 165 points also the head to head game played this season at MZT Skopje home in Eurocup had over 165 points : 26.10.2016 MZT Skopje - Cedevita 85-89 , i expect a fast game with 166+ points scored .

Over 166.5 @1.862 Pinnacle
Confirmed at the assembly - ABA League ready for the historical season

The ABA League j.t.d. Assembly has had its session in Princess Hotel, Bar and the clubs have confirmed that they are satisfied with the preparations for what should be a historical 2017/18 season, for which the preparations are now successfully finished.


The ABA League j.t.d. Assembly session in Bar was an introduction in the new season, in which we will for the first time ever witness, besides the 12-strong first division, also the competition of the 12-strong ABA League 2, the ABA Super Cup, which is currently underway and the ABA League junior tournaments.

Within the preparations for the new season, an agreement has been made with the Genius Sports, that will bring the fans enhanced way of following ABA League basketball games and with the goal for live statistics to be on the highest possible level, the seminar for statisticians has already been held.

Before the beginning of the new season, also the seminars for the clubs’ PR representatives and for the referees and commissioners will take place in Bar.

With a goal to be able to bear all of the expenses, emerging with the establishment of the new competitions under the umbrella of the ABA League j.t.d., ABA League has reached an 8-year agreement with the renowned company MYD, which secures a sustainable system of financing and the long-term financial stability of the organization.

Nebojša Čović, the ABA League President:

“As you all know, from the 2017/18 season we will have ABA League 1, with reduced number of participants from 14 to 12. Also, we will have ABA League 2, which will consist of 12 clubs. All the decisions on the changes that we have made were unanimous, which is very important because we are talking here about some major strategic decisions. Also, the league calendar has been determined and coordinated with FIBA national team windows. Also, the new thing is that the winner of 2017/18 ABA League 2 will qualify for the 2018/19 ABA League 1.

In order to start with the ABA League 2 project we had to create a sustainable financial system, which means that we had to secure the funds for ABA League 1 and ABA League 2 to normally function during the entire season. This has been done by agreeing on an 8-year contract with a renowned company MYD, through which we have capitalized our TV and marketing rights.

As far as the ongoing ABA Super Cup is concerned, this is the very first edition of this competition. The city of Bar has secured us excellent conditions for organizing such a tournament. We are very greatful for TV Arena sport for broadcasting all the games from ABA Super Cup, which was part of the contract that we signed for the TV rights.”

Mega Leks - Zadar

This match of basketball from international these teams for sure are unpredictable and i choose to go with under in full event some games these teams can play over and others under and its not easy to determine which team can win so i decide to go with overi full event the odds are good for over the home team might be favourite to win the match but still its tricky for sure the away side can't be underestimated in this event and its my opinion to try to go with over 171 points in full event good luck

PICK: OVER (170) @1.909 10/10 PINNACLE