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William Hill Casino: As Successful As Sportsbooks?

Ever since the bookmaker William Hill opened his first betting shop in 1934, his business turned into a tremendous success story. Today, the London-based company named after its founder ranks among the largest betting brands worldwide. William Hill currently:

  • has set up main offices in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, and Gibraltar
  • employs around 14,000 people
  • runs more 2,000 on-site facilities in the UK alone.

The advent of the digital age offered the opportunity to tap into new markets and grow even further. William Hill thus added a thriving online platform to its network of traditional betting shops. In 2008, it launched a partnership with Playtech, known as the world’s biggest casino-software provider and poker-network operator. This transition seems to have paid off: By now, the William Hill website offers not only sports and horse-race betting, but also poker, bingo, and other popular arcade games. But can the new casino really keep up with traditional sportsbooks? Here’s what to consider when making your choice.

The Perks of Online Gambling

In many ways, the Internet has made life a lot more convenient. This also holds true when it comes to casino games. Instead of waiting for your favourite club to open late at night, you can now play virtually any time you please. All you need is an Internet connection and an ID to verify your age. The William Hill casino offers many user-friendly features including a great mobile app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Once you have installed the app on your phone, you can access the online casino not only whenever, but literally wherever you like. Among the available mobile games, you may choose between:

  • classic table games such as European Roulette, Blackjack, or Baccarat
  • a variety of slots ranging from Desert Treasure and The Sopranos to Great Blue and Pink Panther
  • several kinds of scratch cards.

Once you have downloaded a second app for William Hill Live Casino, you can even enjoy the same live games that you play on your desktop platform. Furthermore, deposits and withdrawals are just as easy with your mobile device as they are via the computer. 

From Betting to Gaming and Beyond

At first glance, the benefits of William Hill’s online casino sound almost too good to be true. While websites and apps have made the gambling world more accessible, the question remains whether such platforms can entertain a mass audience and provide first-class services at the same time. Passionate gamblers seek to uphold a sense of exclusivity when it comes to their game of choice. In particular, sports betters are quick to emphasize the difference between casual gambling and professional betting: Whereas the former relies on pure chance, the latter often requires a considerable amount of expert knowledge and strategizing skills. With that in mind, William Hill now holds several aces up its sleeves:

  • The online casino draws a vast number of international customers.
  • Online and on-site sportsbooks meet the demands of ambitious bettors.

Thus far, this two-way approach has worked out just fine: Around three million customers sought entertainment via the William Hill website in 2018 alone. At the same time, the company continues to expand its sportsbooks business on an international scale. After setting up shop in Nevada in 2012, William Hill has proceeded to secure access to 17 more states in North America. By and large, there is ample reason to assume that the best is yet to come.