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Tips for Making Bigger Wins at Online Roulette

Winning big money at roulette is not a pipe dream. In 1994, Chris Boyd won $440,000 in Vegas. Sir Sean Connery, James Bond himself, won a very decent $27,000 in Saint-Vincent back in 1963. And who can forget Pedro Grendene Bartelle’s ridiculous win of $3.5 million in Rio de Janeiro just three years ago?

Yes, winning is possible. But is it easy? No, not at all. Otherwise, everyone and their grandma would be doing it. Yet there are ways you can set yourself apart from the average gambler and increase your odds of walking away a winner.

Find a Trusted Casino

The problem with the internet is that there are loads of people trying to scam you. Online casinos are not bulletproof when it comes to this. While most companies you come across are legit, a small minority isn’t.

You need to do your due diligence. That’s the simple truth of it. Ensure your chosen casino is backed by the correct third-party regulatory authorities (for example, William Hill is regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner), that it has the stamp of approval from the country the casino is based in, and that you’ve been able to find reviews that back the site’s legitimacy.

Try the Free Version First

If you’ve never played roulette before, we recommend doing a test run first. Many online casinos offer a free version of roulette, allowing you to dip a toe in the water before playing with the big boys. Many players skip this step and want to get straight to the real thing. But patience and a desire to learn can really pay off.

One thing, though. Don’t think that just because you’ve had a few lucky runs while playing for free that it means you’ve found the golden ticket. Roulette is a tricky game, and if you get overconfident you’ll lose your money.

Experiment with Betting Systems

Right, before we even start discussing systems, know this: the house wins. Every. Single. Time. Betting systems that are ‘guaranteed’ to win have been around since roulette started. And guess what? Casinos are still making money and people with surefire ‘systems’ leave in tears...

But that doesn’t mean systems can’t help. Systems can help prevent you from placing crazy gung-ho bets. They’ll add a little bit of flavor to your betting patterns, allowing you to execute from a point of analysis rather than pure heart.

Still, proceed with caution. Try systems like the Martingale, the Paroli, and the James Bond (although in the movie Diamonds are Forever, 007 simply bets on 17 and calls it a day!). See whether they work for you. Experiment and see which one fits your style.

European vs. American Roulette

There are two different versions of roulette: the American version, and its European cousin. The difference is marginal. If you take a quick look at the table, most people won’t even know the difference. They’ll bet regardless.

But if you want bigger wins at online roulette, always go European. The reason? That pesky extra zero you’ll find on the American version. This gives the house an additional edge of 2.63%. Minuscule if you’re only placing a couple of bets, but if you want to be a winner in the long term, it’s a big number.

Know the Odds

We all know about the so-called ‘even-money bets’. You’re betting on low or high numbers, red or black. That’s easy. In European roulette, that gives you a 48.6% chance of winning. We’re basically talking a toss of a coin here.

For the ‘other’ bets, things are a little more interesting. Column bets give you 32.4% odds, a straight-up bet is a measly 2.7%, while a corner bet is 10.81%. Know the rough odds and you’ll be in a far better place when placing your bets (and no, we don’t expect you to remember decimals!).

Take Advantage of Offers

Casinos offer fantastic deals for both new and returning players. The lazy don’t take advantage of them. They are too eager to get to their favorite game and skip the sweet roulette deals that are out there.

Don’t be a lazy gambler. Play it smart and look for the advantage wherever you can find it. Considering the house edge is so small, a couple of free bets can really swing the math in your favor. For example, try signing up to as many casinos as possible. It’s a bit of a hassle, but considering you can get free bets whenever you do, it’s worth it.

Walk Away When You Need To

The best advice for last, perhaps? Don’t chase your losses. If you hit a losing streak and you’ve gone through your entire bankroll, it’s time to call it a day. The reason people blow through their personal savings and rent money when gambling is that they don’t walk away.

If you want to win big at online roulette, know when it’s time to quit. Stick to your budget. Use your head. Yes, losing is frustrating. But, you can always come back to fight another day.