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Most Bet on Sports in US History

Sports betting is a huge pastime for Americans. There are so many sports to place your bets on, from American football to basketball, baseball, and beyond. American bettors love to place their bets on specific college tournaments wherever that’s possible too. With more and more states joining the fray when it comes to online sports betting, the interest in it has never been higher.

Let’s take PA online gambling for example. Since being regulated a few years ago, the online betting and gambling industry in PA is off the charts. Record revenues are being reported with each passing year, and a big chunk of it comes from online sports betting. Pennsylvania is a booming market for NBA and NFL fans, with dozens of millions placed on the Superbowl and the NBA annually.

Even if you take the full US market as a whole, the Superbowl still reigns supreme.

American Football and the Superbowl

The Superbowl is the single greatest sport event taking place in the USA. It’s a championship game between the best football teams and a culmination of the season. It’s the most watched sports event in the USA, and the one people bet the most on.

Every year there’s a record in money put on the Superbowl. The biggest bet of all time came in Vegas in 2002, when an anonymous bettor placed $4.8 million on the Rams to beat the Patriots. It was a losing bet, but it’s a testament to how much American bettors love to bet on the Superbowl.


Betting on the NBA is pretty popular in the USA. The numbers go up during the playoffs and reach their apex during the Finals. The Finals series are always exciting with so many superstars on both ends on the floor. It’s a bettor’s dream to wager on these matches, especially since the odds seem to be placed quite high.

Millions are wagered on the NBA Finals every year, making it the second most popular event to bet on. Another popular basketball event people love to bet on is the NCAA tournament. It may not be as big as the Finals, but still has its fans.


Bettors around the world love wagering on soccer and Americans are no different. Whenever the World Cup goes live, American bettors flock to online betting sites. It’s an excellent opportunity to win solid sums of cash, and the action is thrilling too. No matter the country, the World Cup is always among the most popular sports events to bet on.


Baseball is one of the biggest sports in the USA. The MLB is a hotbed for bettors who are especially active during the playoffs. Millions of dollars are bet on these games each year, putting baseball high among the list of most bet on sports in the USA.

The popularity of teams such as the Mets and Yankees certainly plays a part in baseball’s admiration among bettors. It’s a sport with twist and turns that aligns perfectly with what bettors expect and want.