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Martingale Betting System Explained

Martingale the betting system is one of the oldest and simplest betting systems of all time. The principle is to double your bet after a loss. It is said that every lost means that you are closer to winning. The main rule is to double your next bet after a loss and odds have to be above two. For example:

First bet 2 dollars - lost;

Second bet 4 dollars - lost;

Third bet 8 dollars - lost;

Fourth bet 16 dollars – win 

And in this way you win more than you have lost. One of the easiest betting systems, isn‘t it? But in reality, it is much harder to use successfully this system because of two reasons:

First of all, if you want to use this system, you must have a big bank because of no one can be sure that you can lose twelve times in a row because lost bet doesn‘t affect the other bet and you have to be sure that there is no limit you can bet because it is important to remember that most of the betting websites have the limit, to protect themselves from all kinds of frauds and other gamblers tactics that can push their companies to bankruptcy.

Secondly, if you are going to use this tactic in the casino, you must remember that roulette doesn‘t have a memory. This thing doesn‘t care whether red was thousand or thousand and one times in a row. The chance that next goes black is always equal – 18 of 37.

People use this betting system most often in football betting, basketball betting, horse betting, almost for all kind of sports betting. What you need to do is to always check betting offers in all kind of companies, online betting companies count to. Most often, UK betting sites give the best odds all around the world, but the problem is that most of them have installed limits, which can do harm for Martingale betting system. The fact is that all you need to do is to be curious, check all the betting sites all around the world, find the best one, which, you think, you can use for this system and to be patient and even after some losses the success always finally come. As it was said, no matter that Martingale betting system is one of the oldest in the world, but at the same time it is one of the greatest betting systems that were ever created.