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Betting Guide: How Do Accumulator Bets Work?

When betting initially started, most bettors would place single bets and hope of winning cash that way. However, over the years the bookmakers made multiple combination of bets in a single bet allowed as the odds of the chosen picks would multiply for a greater return and that is what accumulator betting is.

Why do punters place Accumulator Bets?

The reason for accumulator bets being placed is that it allows bettors to wager multiple selections on one bet slip rather than placing them as separate bets and it also creates the odds higher combined rather than being bet on separately due to them multiplying.

Here’s an example

Los Angeles Lakers to beat the Boston Celtics at 1.95

Golden State Warriors to beat Toronto Raptors at 2.05

Cleveland Cavaliers to beat the New York Knicks at 2.10

If you placed £10 on these bets as single bets then you’d get £19.50 in return if Lakers win, £20.50 in return if Warriors win and £21 in return if the Knicks win totalling the profit of £31.

However if you put these bets together in an accumulator then the odds would multiply like this (1.95*2.05*2.10) creating the odds off 8.39 so if you wagered £10 on the accumulator bet with these 3 teams in a single bet slip you would get £83.90 returns making you £73.90 profit and if you wagered the original £30 your returns would be as high as £251.70! Which clearly shows that the odds in accumulator betting are far higher and the winnings are far better if all of your teams win.

Accumulator Bets vs Single Bets

So obviously the accumulator betting returns are far higher as you can see just by the fact that you would make more profit wagering £10 on the same 3 teams in an accumulator than wagering 30£ (£10 on each team separately) with those same teams with the same odds separately.

However, there are it’s lows when it comes to accumulator betting. There is more risk on them because you NEED all teams to win for you to be a winner. If you had an accumulator of like 6 teams and 5 of them won but 1 let you down you would lose all of your wagered money.

Meanwhile, when it comes to single bets if you chose the same 6 picks but made separate bets and 1 team let you down while the other 5 win you would more than likely end up with profit, definitely would end up with profit if you wagered the same amount on all of these separate bets. If you don’t like risk taking then single bets are the best way to go but if you like risking it then accumulator bets are the ones.

To sum it up, the main advantage for accumulator betting is the odds are FAR higher on the same picks when you put them in one bet slip than betting on them separately, however the risk is lower for Single Bets and if you did have a situation where most of your bets came in but one let you down then you’d make profit in Single Bets, but lose everything in Accumulator betting in that instance.


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