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Basketball Betting Types Explained 2022

What could be more entertaining than watching your favorite sport, basketball? Basketball betting! Basketball betting is an entertaining opportunity for bettors to try to make a profit. There are a lot of types on how to bet. However, many novice bettors are unaware that they have such possibilities.

Jimmy Vaccaro, the famed Vegas bookmaker, offers the best advice on your route to becoming a professional sports bettor: 

“Recreational bettors bet Teams; Professional bettors bet Numbers.”

If you're new to this form of bet and plan on placing one, this is a must-read. With that, let's take a look at the most popular forms of betting.


The simplest straightforward sort of wager is a moneyline bet. All you have to do with this wager is pick the game winner. Two teams will compete; you choose which one you believe will win, place a moneyline wager on that team, and if they win, you win.

Negative or "minus-money" odds suggest you'll have to bet more than you'll win if the favorite wins. For an underdog, moneyline odds will be positive or "plus-money," suggesting that your return if your side wins will be larger than your initial wager.

Spread Bets

You are betting on the margin of victory when you wager the spread. The bookmaker will determine by how many points they believe a team will win or lose the game. You'll either need a team to win by a particular amount of points or a team to win or only lose by a given number of points. 

Let’s say the two teams for the semi-finals would be the Team L and Team M. 

Team L = - 6.5

Team M = + 6.5

In this scenario, if you wish to bet on Team L, you'd "laid" 6.5 points, which means you'd need Team L to win by at least 7 points or more to pay your ticket. If you wish to wager on the underdog, you "take" the 6.5 point spread, which means you win your bet if Team B wins OR loses by less than 7. 

Totals Bets

Totals bets are fantastic because it allows you to wager on how a basketball game will progress. This wager is also known as an over/under bet. It is a wager as to whether the total number of points scored in a sport will be greater than or less than a predetermined figure. 

When wagering on totals, you are completely oblivious to who will win the game; all you care about is whether it will be a high-scoring or low-scoring affair.

The bookies will determine and set a line based on how many overall points they believe each team will score during the game. After that, you must decide whether you believe the game will end with more or less points scored. You take the lead if you believe it will be higher. And, you take the under if you believe it is less. In most cases, the over/under will pay out the same on both sides of the bet in basketball.

Future Bets

In basketball, a futures bet is a gamble on something that will be resolved in the future over the course of several games. The good thing about this type of bet  is your bet can be placed at any time before the outcome of the wager is determined. 

Before the season starts, mid-season, through the playoffs, or even during the NBA Finals series, you might make an NBA futures bet on the end-of-the-year champion. However, the odds for a correct guess alter depending on when you bet.

The lower the payoff, the more confident you are in that team's ability to win. The smaller the probability of that team winning, the higher the possible reward you will receive.


A basketball parlay is made up of two or more separate bets linked together into a single wager. It enables you to win a higher sum of money with a lower risk commitment. It's the same as betting on a game, win, and then placing your entire winnings and original investment into another wager. To win your parlay, you must win each and every wager on the slip, or you will lose.

Prop Bets

Whenever it comes to basketball prop bets, the possibilities are nearly limitless. It usually relies on the sportsbook's mood for that particular game. With that, the sportsbook will predict what will happen in a game of basketball, and you'll be able to bet on whether it will happen or not. 

For instance, you might be able to wager on whether a specific player will get much more or less than three blocks in a game. You can also be able to wager on whether or not a technical foul will be called during a game.


Although you won't be needing each sort of basketball wager available, you should be aware of them so you can make the best bet and avoid losing money. If your technique is basic and effective, don't make it more complicated. Such bets are only provided with you if you require them or if they fit well into your successful betting strategy.

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