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Golden State Warriors - New York Knicks
01/24 03:30
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Pick: Golden State Warriors (EH-9) @1.920 10/10 +9.20

Warriors are for sure No.1 candidate for the title again.So far they have record of 37-10 but they have two losses at last 10 games from Clippers and Houston , wich wa ssurprising especially from Clippers but that was 5 rounds ago since then they beat Cleveland , Toronto , Milwaukee and Chicago while few days ago they lost from Rockets 116-108 so for sure they will want to redemption for that lost in front of their fans.They have the best atack and best 3 pointers at league.
I used to like NY they doesnt have such a bad roster but time and performances showed that there is no chemistry between the players and it will be difficult for them to take place at the playoffs.They have only 4 wins at last 15 games wich is just a proof how bad this team is playing.When they lost from Lakers with 20 difference at previous round then here Warriors should easely go over +20 handicap here.There is huge quality gap between this two and im sure warriors will not let to lose two in a row.They will be without Bell but that will not be a problem.

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