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Macedonia - Czech Republic
01/23 19:30
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Pick: Macedonia @2.450 8/10 -8.00

To be or not to be for both teams.
So far Macedonia have been playing very good.They won Montenegro and Slovenia while drawed with Germany(Stoilov had a 100% chanse at last seconds) and lost from Spain with 20-31.That was a very strange match.I just unexplainable how Macedonia played so bad so i think it was tactic from Gonzales.He rested all the key players and put a very unexpirienced and young squad at the court.He rested Lazarov , Borko , Stoilov , Georgievski , Manaskov all of the key players because this match is to be or not to be for them as they play at the next round against Denmark wich will be a hell of a task.
Czech Rep on the other hand are the most pleasant surprise for me as they beat Hungary and Denmark , i expect with Hungary to be 50-50 match even bookies made Hungarians huge favourites but for Denmark have to give them recognition but lets just face it that they just dont have too much quality at their roster.They are mostly relying on Cip and Kasparek this tournamet but they should be easy stoped as macedonian defence is very though and hard.I really dont know why Czech republic is a favourite but i completely dissagree , not because im Macedonian but because we just simply have more quality at our squad and just because they somehow only god knows how beat Denmark they are favourites.Or maybe because Macedonia was destroyed by Spain , but i repeat i think that match against Spain was not taken seriously anyone who watched the match and knows this team is with me for sure.Plus the fact are speaking for themself if u look at the roster for that game.
In fact this two team played eachother at the qualifications for here and Macedonia was better at aggregate with 61-55.

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