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Grizzly Wolfsburg - ERC Ingolstadt
01/21 15:30
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Pick: Grizzly Wolfsburg @1.950 9/10 -9.00

Offer is not so great today so i will go with this pick that catched my eye.
The only thing that Ingolstadt is better then Wolfsburg is shape at last few match other than that i dont think so.Hosts are for at least a claas above Ingolstadt.So far they are at 4th position with overall of 22-21 ; 125-111.They have great players at their roster like Haskins , Dehner , Kreps , Furchner , Voakes , Aubin , Dixon , Fauser and of course Foucault who is playing outstanding season so far.
Ingolstadt on the other hand even though they raised their form lately are not playoff material for me.They are very unstable at the defence while at the attack are mostly relying at Collins and Greillinger but they cannot carry the whole team especialy not against Grizzlyes wich roster have much more quality and i really dont know why the odd is going up but i guess that because of the shape.Its just a matter of time when Wolfsburg will get out of this bad shape and today they have the perfect opponent.

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