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Croatia - Norway
01/20 19:45
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Pick: Norway @2.250 8/10 -8.00

II'll be short with this one.
I dont see croatians do something more at this tournament.Watching them play i realise only one thing.They have quality at their squad but it looks like Cervar doesnt know what is he doing especially at the last two games , wich they lost from Sweden and nervous and narrow won against Belarus with 25-23.It seems like Cervar doesnt knowe croatian team and he is not using players capacity right and he is mostly relying on two players Vori and Duvnjak wich time is pased if you ask me.Thing to be worst Duvnjak is not going to play due injury.
Norway on the other hand , after that lost from France with 32-31 in one very unlucky match for them , showed that they are between the best teams at the world.They beat Belarus 33-28 , Austria 39-28 and Serbia 32-27.They are great attacking team with a outstanding shoting players and i really dont see how croatian defence can stop Norwegian strikers to granade their goal.Myrhol , Sagose , Tonesen , Bjornsen , Jondal , Johannessen , Tangen all of this are outstanding players and coach Tomac should teach lessons to his national colleague Cervar who have lost all the string of the team.

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