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Scientists discover that watching Football is good for your health

According to a new study, scientists have discovered that watching football can help improve the health indices of an individual.

The research  revealed {that a} fan experiencing the jubilation of seeing their team win, enjoyed a general boost in overall mood that can last for up to 24 hours after the game.

Dr. Andrea Utley, the sports scientist who led the conducted the research sponsored by BetVictor, told CNN Sport in this report that "Ultimately supporting your team at a football match gives you a moderate cardiovascular workout and depending on the result of the match, a psychological boost or slump.”

"In the end supporting your soccer team in a football match or competition gives you a moderate cardiovascular exercise and depending on the results of the match, a psychological increase or slump," .


According to the report, the experiment was conducted on 25 Leeds United fans, aged between 20 and 62, all through three key matches in the course of the Championship last season. One game was watched in a controlled environment whereas the other two were watched live in the stadium.

The Researchers analyzed the participants' heart rates before, during and after the game -- noticing that on average heart rates rose by 17 percent.
"There is good stress and there's unhealthy stress and there is a degree of arousal which is definitely good for you and the extent of arousal that takes you over the edge," Utley told CNN Sport.


Additionally, the research also suggested that watching soccer can have long term advantages.
Although blood stress rose in the course of the match, findings revealed that, entirely, fans had a decrease in blood pressure long after the match had ended.
"There's this perception that you're in agony watching the game," added Utley. But the truth is that it is actually a false assertion. We actually derive pleasure from this sport, and we get pleasure from being passionate.
Nonetheless, this was not the case after watching a loss, with blood pressure being continuously on the rise long after the match has ended.
The examine additionally seen how individuals's temper is vastly affected by the result of the match.
When their team wins, fans experience "an absolute high" with the euphoria lasting a day. Nonetheless, when their team loses, the slump can "really be quite severe."

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