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Ranking The Top Teams To Win The Super Bowl LVII

In Super Bowl LVI, the Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals, giving the City of Angels its first NFL championship in almost 40 years. It only makes sense to forecast who will compete in Super Bowl LVII in Arizona next February as the season proper gets deeper and more exciting. 

With a few more playoffs happening until December, the Wildcard season comes in together with the quarterfinals and the semis. Indeed, the NFL fans will once again cheer for their favorite teams to win the Lombardi Trophy this year. 

Who will win the Super Bowl in the next two months?  Here are your top ten teams projected to clinch the said title. 

Kansas City Chiefs 

The AFC West hasn't performed as well as many had hoped in what was anticipated to be the toughest rivalry among divisions in 2022. However, the Kansas City Chiefs are still in command. 

Patrick Mahomes hasn't slowed down at all since losing Tyreek Hill. In fact, he's on track to break the single-season passing yardage record for the NFL. It is anticipated Andy Reid's Chiefs to take the AFC West by storm this season and capture their eighth straight division title.

Baltimore Ravens 

The Baltimore Ravens managed to blow double-digit leads before falling to the Giants, Bills, and Dolphins just as it seemed they were about to join the best teams in the NFL. In addition to having difficulty winning games, their passing defense is now the sixth worst in all of football.

Despite having a less than ideal receiving corps, this is a well-coached squad under the direction of John Harbaugh, and Lamar Jackson is back to working his magic. It is expected that the Ravens will make sense of things down the stretch compared to their AFC North rivals.

Tennessee Titans 

This division, which is most likely the worst in the AFC, may continue to compete into the final week of the regular season. The Tennessee Titans, the reigning division champions, have a proven track record, thus they have an advantage over the opposition.

If they do make it to the postseason, quarterback Ryan Tannehill will need to step up his game if he wants to cause any harm. Derrick Henry's presence makes Tennessee now too difficult to defeat in this division. However, Harold Landry's departure could significantly hurt their prospects of making it farther.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills had all the makings of the best football team, but they have been plagued by injuries, which has started to shake the team's rock-solid foundation. In his last two starts, Josh Allen has intercepted the ball three times in the red zone, but this is surely a slump that he will get out of. They will remain competitive and probably win their division if they have top-five offense and defense.

Although the Bills still have a sparkling 6-3 record since the rest of the AFC East is much stronger. With the exception of the New England Patriots, all four teams seem to have improved offensively this year.

San Francisco 49ers 

It's not difficult to imagine the Kyle Shanahan-coached San Francisco 49ers club returning to the playoffs now that Jimmy G is back at quarterback. The 49ers are indeed a playoff team because of their elite defense and top-notch coaching staffs on both sides of the field.

San Francisco's arsenal of game-changing weapons, including those of Deebo Samuel, George Kittle, and Christian McCaffrey, provides the offense a high floor. If the team can remain healthy, the 49ers may come together at the ideal time for a playoff run.

Minnesota Vikings 

Although the Pack won the division title eight times in total throughout No. 12's career and each year under coach Matt LaFleur, this cheese has gone a bit sour. We've seen plenty of growing pains since they lost their top receiver, including the 27th-ranked scoring offense and ongoing special teams issues that include blocked kicks and missed return opportunities.

However, the Vikings made huge and right trades this year allowing them to record  top ten offense and defense.  This offense now has Pro Bowl talent at each starting skill position with the addition of T.J. Hockenson, which is almost unheard of. Also, Kirk Cousins and Justin Jefferson finally secured the defining victory against Buffalo, but the crucial contests with Dallas and New England will be even more instructive.

Final Thoughts 

Who do you think will hoist the Lombardi Trophy this February? While the road to the Super Bowl LVII is still a long way to go, the NFL community has gone sleepless naming the top teams that can meet in the finals. Will the Chiefs stay strong towards the finish line or other teams can hustle and leave them behind? Watch out as the NFL season continues to run.

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