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What Are Live Casinos?

It’s been more than 25 years since online casinos came into existence, and they’ve never stopped innovating all through those years. They’ve constantly provided new games and new methods for players to enjoy their gaming experience. Developers are constantly coming up with different variants of classic games like blackjack and roulette and creating live casino versions of games you can see here and these are live dealer titles with different dynamics, approaches, and strategies.

They’ve also innovated through technology. The fact that there are Virtual Reality games that deliver full immersion to players, and the availability of mobile games that can be enjoyed on smartphones are examples of this.

Another importance of technology is that through it, video streaming technology is used to create live casinos. These live casino games have grown to become the most popular casino game option available to players, because they come with some interactive elements.

How Do Live Casino Games Work

There is no big difference between the workings of the live casino games and that of other games played on the casino websites. The slight nuance is that the concept of computer generated graphics found in other casino games is replaced with live video feeds for the player to watch. The video feeds involve a human presenter who acts as the croupier of the game, performing the functions of spinning the wheels or drawing the cards, depending on the type of game involved, the same way it is done in the land based casinos.

To achieve this, they make use of cards that are specially created for it. They are normally larger in size, with bigger and more visible prints so that players can easily see them on the cameras. The video feed is broadcasted from a professional studio with a 4k and HD state of the art recording and broadcasting equipment. The presenters that deal the games are people with proper training on the act. They are mostly dealers from the land based casinos. With this, they ensure that the best possible casino experience is being offered to the players.

Crazy Time

This is one of the most popular live casino games. In the live casino games parlance, it is as influential as classic games like roulette. It offers extra bonus games that help it deliver a new and unique experience to players. While playing Crazy Time, you will see the croupier on your screen as he or she deals the games, and they will be able to interact with you and other players and respond to your chats on the live chat window. The dealer will also be the one to activate the huge game wheel and help you with advice on the best time to place your bets.

While playing this game and the wheel hits a bonus game, it is the croupier that will lead you to a new set where you will have the chance to win more prizes, based on the type of multiplier you landed.

More Interactive

Live casino games have one huge advantage over traditional casino games, and that is the fact that they offer more interaction and immersion than the other. The concept of a human dealer is brought into the game to make it more realistic like in the land based casinos.

Though there are varying policies in different casinos, most of them try to ensure that their live casino games foster more interaction with the players through the croupiers. The meaning of this is that the dealers are encouraged to reply to players messages in the live chat. They also encourage players to chat with each other, the same way people interact with each other in the physical casinos.

Now, since the game happens against the house and not players slugging it out against each other, they normally engage in positive and supportive chats. In the long run, the players may become familiar with the croupiers or dealers, just like it is between regular customers and dealers in brick and mortar casinos.

Are Live Casino Games Better

You can’t easily say if live casino games are better than other online casino games or not. The reason for this is because such classifications will boil down to individual preferences. Some players would prefer the interactive feel that the live casinos offer, while some may prefer to enjoy the personalized experience of the online casinos and enjoy their playing strategy.

However, when you consider the huge number of live casinos from different developers on offer today, you realize that there is a huge demand for live casinos among players.

Due to their nature, casino platforms spend more to run the live casino games, because they demand more time from people and increased internet bandwidth to offer. So, casinos will stop offering them if they are not getting the required patronage from players.