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Top 6 Casino Gambling Myths

There are many stories and myths surrounding online casinos, which are a world of luck and beliefs. Even while some of them are blatantly incorrect, others continue to exist in players' imaginations and occasionally affect how they play.

These myths will be disproved one by one by Madness Bonus.

Casinos have been manipulated to affect the results of their games

In our years of gambling, this myth has been repeated the most. Online casinos are frequently believed to be fraudulent by consumers. Nonetheless, they believe they have more control over the games' randomness.

Although casinos have an advantage in their games (the house edge), everything depends on luck and chance. Additionally, since internet casinos are subject to external regulation, cheating could result in them losing their gambling license.

Finally, you should be aware that online casinos do not actually host the games they provide (slot machines, live dealer games). They collaborate with game developers (Pragmatic Play, Play'n GO, Quickspin, etc.) and have no control over the results of slot machines or other games.

Players at online casinos are not paid

Another myth that is struggling to vanish is this one. Do you honestly believe that online casinos would still be so well-liked if they didn't pay out players' winnings? On Crazy Bonus, we list over 20 casinos. Members of our community who did not receive their awards never complained to us.

Naturally, we have all heard tales of gamers who won large yet were unable to cash out. Although we are aware that it may be perceived as unfair, the unpleasant reality is that most of the time, the player is to blame.

Internet gambling is prohibited

If they were, they would all have already shut their doors, let's face it. Instead, over time, internet casinos have become more and more well-liked. There is no international law prohibiting online gambling, however it may be so in individual nations.

Every nation has its own regulations and legislation governing online gaming. Playing online casino games is neither prohibited nor permitted in some nations. It is only being tolerated or is awaiting adequate regulation.

On the blackjack tables online, you can count cards

Blackjack is quite simple. All you have to do to predict the cards that will be dealt is count the cards. If only life were so easy. Although card counting was once conceivable, land-based and online casinos have taken measures to make it nearly impossible. Card counting is a fiction today.

Of course, we've all heard tales of card counters who won big but were later barred from brick and mortar casinos. But, with the procedures we are about to outline, card counting is now very difficult.

Seven decks of cards are used in a shoe when playing blackjack online. As the dealer gets to the cut card, this shoe is shuffled (a solid-color plastic card). This cut card is shuffled into the deck at random. You aren't sure if you're playing with 5, 6, or 7 decks in this method.

It won't pay me again after I won on a machine.

You won't believe how many players have this mindset. They play the bonus game after getting three scatters and immediately exit the machine since they believe they won't get paid again. As slot machines are completely random, this is nothing more than pure belief.

It's entirely possible to complete 500 spins without enabling the bonus feature or to get three bonuses in 40 spins. The most crucial factor, in the end, is that you like playing the slots that you enjoy.

RTP for slot machines is linear.

Let's start by outlining what RTP is. The term "Return To Player" (RTP) refers to the amount of money that slot machines return to its users. In contrast to the 70% to 90% range in land-based casinos, online casinos have RTPs between 94 and 98%. A slot machine with a 96% RTP returns 96% of the money that players wager on it over time.

Over an extended period, It is crucial. The RTP of a slot machine isn't constant; it changes every time. The fact that you will receive €96 back at the end of your session does not mean that you invested €100 into a slot. RTP provides financial support over an extended period of time. A 96% RTP slot will occasionally be at 50% RTP, then 180%, then 20%, then 96%, and so on until it reaches 96% on average over time.


We'll be looking more closely at how misunderstandings and unreasonable beliefs on people's parts contribute to some of the myths and superstitions that are occasionally associated with gambling. Anybody can experience these beliefs and myths, even if we consider ourselves to be low-risk gamblers. 

We will be better able to distinguish between fact and fiction if we are more aware of the numerous myths and superstitions surrounding gambling. It's a step in the right direction to dispel these stereotypes and start gambling responsibly.

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