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Why Choose Betclic? Factual Things That You Must Know About Betclic Online Gambling Company

When you decide to participate in a sports betting event, you must find a trustworthy and credible bookmaker to ensure that your personal information and the money you are about to deposit are safe and kept by the right hands. You must be cautious enough to read reviews and check the bookmaker's reputation before deciding to bet with them.

There are numerous bookmakers in the world. Some are already well-known and have a long history in the industry, while some are only beginning to establish their names and reputation. Betclic is among the bookmakers that already has an established reputation. If you plan to bet with them, you may want to know who they are. Here is some vital information about Betclic:

General Background And History

Betclic is a European gambling company or bookmaker that has been operating since July 2005. It is based in Malta and Bordeaux and was founded by Nicolas Beraud. Betclic has stockholders, including Mangas Gaming, with a 75% share of the company and the SBM with a 50% share of the company. In 2010, Betclic became the largest betting company in France, holding 35-40% of the market share.

What makes Betclic credible and safe is that it is a licensed gambling company. This bookmaker has acquired legal operation licenses issued by the Malta Gaming Authority, eCOGRA, and the Gambling Commission of the UK.

Products And Services Offered

As a bookmaker that offers a platform for betting, Betclic offers online gambling products and services that you may want to participate in. Your odds of winning are solely based on the sports game results you choose to put your wager on. If you want to get to know more about the gambling products and services offered by Betclic, here is a short list of them:

Sports Betting

Sports betting is a betting game that allows you to put your wager on a specific team or players you support in a particular sports game, hoping that they would win during the season. It is like a guessing game in which you predict who and what team will win in the sports game. Betclic offers sports betting on rugby, cricket, tennis, baseball, football, volleyball, handball, cycling, darts, e-sports, etc.

Horse Race Betting

Betclic also offers horse race betting. Horse race betting is a type of sports betting in which you put your wager on a horse that would most likely win the race. There are different types of horse race betting you may want to participate in, including the win bet and the place bet.

Online Poker

Online poker is a card game that you can play using your computer or mobile phones and the internet. Betclic offers this type of game on their website. You only have to download their app, log in to your Betclic account, and you can now enjoy playing the game at your most convenient time.

Promotions And Bonuses

If you choose Betclic as an online bookmaker to participate in, you may enjoy several promotions and bonuses. Betclic offers €10 worth of tournament tickets and up to €750 first deposit bonus. You may also earn Betclic points as you continuously play games of betting with them.

Betclic Betting Site

You can visit the website of Betclic sportsbetting. This website is protected by the SSL certificate, approved and issued by the Trusted Secure Certificate Authority 5. To sign-up for this bookmaker, you must click the register button at the top-right corner of the website.

You must provide all the information needed in the application, including your personal information and telephone credentials. It is also necessary to provide and upload a copy of your valid documents to confirm your identity. When you are done making a Betclic account, you may expect to enjoy welcome bonuses.


One of the reasons you must check the facts about the bookmaker you are planning to participate in is to ensure that your personal information is legally safe. Knowing the background information of that bookmaker will allow you to check if it is reputable enough to be trusted. If you plan to play betting games with Betclic, the information stated above may serve as your basis to know if this bookmaker is the best for you.

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