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Betting Odds meaning when betting on 188BET site

Not all football betting players know the Odds rate, whether veteran betting players or those who are new to soccer betting are not sure about Odds. One of the most basic knowledge of betting players is to know how to distinguish Odds Malay, Hong Kong, Decimal (also known as European odds), etc are common types of Odds format. Most often played that online football betting players often choose when play betting at To help players understand the Odds ratio, the following article of 88Betpro will explain it in detail.

Odds rate definition

Odds rate is the exchange rate for the house to pay a bet to the player who wins the match after each match. There are many different types of Odds, so when you register to play online you need to know which betting site allows the Odds ratio to choose to pay when placing a bet.

Types of odds

European Odds Rate (Decimal Odds):

European Odds Odds feature: The European Odds Odds ratio is composed of both player's stake and winning amount. European Odds format always has value> 1.00

Winning formula according to European Odds: Earnings = Bet amount x European Odds. When losing bets: You are deducted from the bet.

Example: At 1.91 Odds Decimal, if you bet $ 100; then after winning the total amount you receive is 100 x 1.91 = $ 191. Very simple and easy to calculate.

Odds Hong Kong Rate (HK Odds):

Odds Hong Kong Odds Odds: Based on European Odds, the Odds Hong Kong Odds rate is a rate that ONLY includes the player's winnings. Odds Hong Kong format has value> 0.00. Winning formula according to Hong Kong Odds when winning: Winnings = Bet + (Bet amount x Odds Hong Kong). When losing bets: You are deducted from the bet.

Example: The Hong Kong Odds rate is 0.91. If you bet $ 100; then after winning the bet you collect 100 + (100 x 0.91) = 191 $.

Malay Odds (MY Odds):

Malay Odds Odds feature: The Malay Odds Odds ratio is inclusive of both player's stake and winning amount. Malay Odds format can have a value of SOUND or DUAL. The formula for calculating Odds Malay will have 2 cases:

(*) Where Odds are positive numbers (Calculated as Odds Hong Kong):

When winning: Winnings = Bet amount + (Bet amount x Malay Odds)

When you lose a bet you are deducted from the bet

For example: With the ratio of Hong Kong Odds is 0.95. If you bet 100 $; then after winning the bet you collect 100 + (100 x 0.95) = 195 $.

(*)Where Odds is a negative number:

When winning a bet: Earnings = = (Bet amount x Malay Odds) | + (Stake amount x 1.00)

For example, when winning: For Odds -0.88, If you bet $ 100, then after winning the bet you get the amount of: | 100x (-0.88) | + (100x 1.00) = 188 $. When losing bets: Winning amount = Bet amount + (Bet amount x Malay Odds)

For example, when losing a bet: For Odds -0.88, the customer places a bet of $ 100 on Malay odds, if the bet loses, it will make $ 100 x -0.88 = -88 $. (In other words, $ 88 is deducted).

Odds Indo rate:

Odds Indonesian Odds is a combination of Hong Kong Odds and Malay Odds. The formula for Indo Odds has 2 cases:

Where Indo Odds is positive: Winnings = Bet amount + (Bet amount x Odds)

Where Indo Odds is negative: Earnings = Bet money + (Bet amount / | Odds |)

US Odds Rate (US Odds):

American odds are also calculated based on Hong Kong odds.

For example: Hong Kong odds ratio = 0.88 <1.00. When the Hong Kong odds ratio is less than 1.00, the US odds ratio is calculated using the formula: -1 / Hong Kong Odds ratio = -1 / 0.88 = -1.13. If the player places a bet $ 100; losing bets will lose 100 $ x 1.13 = 113 $; If you win, you get 100 x 0.88 = 88 $

Example: Hong Kong Odds ratio = 1.20> 1.00. When the Hong Kong odds are greater than 1.00 for a bet of $ 100, if the bet wins the customer will receive the above rate of $ 120; If you lose, you lose the bet.


These types of odds are the most common and basic types that beginners of online football betting should catch before making their first online bet at 188BET. Please read carefully and understand the article above to bet more correctly shared by website