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Best Betting Calculators For More Winning Chances

People watching sports were obviously ecstatic when their favorite teams scored because scoring increases the likelihood of a win. Indeed, things are simple to comprehend when watching sports solely to be entertained. On the other hand, sports betting is a different story. In sports betting, knowing the best teams, best match, or best players is not enough. Most bettors are not only interested in who will win the game. But also, bettors think about which bets are worthwhile to take and how much money to wager, especially when aiming for a vast profit. 

Hence, bettors must understand the betting odds to determine which bets are worthwhile. Betting odds are presented in different formats to calculate the probability of an outcome of any sport. Bookmakers and bettors use betting odds to gain an edge in sports betting and calculate the payout. There are many ways to calculate the odds of making the right wages. Hence, here are the best betting calculators for more winning chances. 

Odds Converter Calculator

Before diving into the betting odds, bettors must first know the three different types of odds. These are called Fractional, Decimal, and American (Moneyline). Bettors can actually choose one among these three depending on their preference. In the case where the bookmaker offers only one available format but the bettor wants the unavailable one, a bettor can use Odds Converter Calculator to get the desired odds format. 

Fractional odds originate from horse race betting odds. It is commonly used in the United Kingdom, but these odds are only limited up to familiar fractions, which can be complicated as betting has been developed online. Decimal odds are going popular nowadays due to online betting. 

Compared to fractional odds, it gives a more accurate and wide-ranging translation of odds. In comparison, American odds are expressed depending on the implied probability. If the implied probability is less than 50%, it is marked with a+, but the odds are presented in terms of how much the bet must be placed to win $100 if the implied probability is greater than 50%.

Surebets Calculator

For bettors who want to lessen their risk of losing a bet, the Surebets Calculator can certainly help them. Many clever bettors prefer to have Surebets to get a sure profit regardless of the results. In placing a Surebet, a bet is placed on every possible outcome. It can be placed proportionately or not.

Hence, even if the line changes, bettors do not have to be concerned about losing all the money. To get the net profit from Surebets, the profit from the winning bet is simply deducted from the losing bet. If the losing bet is lower than the winning bet, a bettor can bag a higher profit. Calculating the odds for Surebets using the calculator is simple. Just enter the odds for any three-way market or two-way market, and bettors can quickly know the appropriate bet needed to get the desired profit. 

ROI Calculator

ROI or Return on Investment calculator is very significant in monitoring finances for betting. It can also help bettors to consider their risk appetite for betting. ROI will show the needed bet to win or break even with the stated odds and the expected profit or loss. However, bettors should take note that calculating the ROI means getting an accurate profit. Certainly, betting relies on probabilities but at least ROI betting calculator can bring the results closer to reality.

Return on investment is represented by a percentage. To calculate the ROI, bettors need to put the betting amount, the probability of winning the bet, and any format of odds. To get the probability, bettors can use the past data as the basis or gut feeling.  Once these data are provided, bettors can now easily see the winning percentage of their bet or the return on investment.  

Parlay Bets Calculator

Many bettors also like parlay bets. Parlay bets are fun and thrilling. Imagine having many single bets on one ticket. That is all or nothing! Hence, the whole bet is a go-down even if only one of your bets fails. Aside from being a risky bet, calculating the parlays are a bit more complicated than other bets. 

But there is nothing to worry about; bettors can use a great tool to calculate payouts. Parlay bets calculator is very helpful for bettors to lessen the chance of losing money in this risky bet. In calculating parlay bets, it needs to have a bet amount of all the wagers on the ticket and pick the desired odds type. Commonly, favorites bet has the negative sign placed before the odds, while the underdogs have no sign placed before them. 


Bettors must understand that it is essential to calculate the risks before placing any bet. By knowing the expected return of the bet, it is easier to manage finances, which results in a less stressful betting experience. Hence, check out the total earnings and payouts by using these best betting calculators for more winning chances. 

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