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Online casinos: Organization of gambling business

Today it is possible to open a casino only in a free gaming zone. This process is very costly, so many people prefer to make money from online casinos and affiliate gambling sites, because it does not require such a huge investment, and it is even possible to run an online casino within a few days since there are a lot of turnkey solutions. Nowadays, the main share of gambling has moved to the Internet, because this type of business is characterized by high profitability and low cost of establishment. However, there are few important things which you need to know before starting your own gambling business.

But before we start, you need to choose which way you want to go, if you want to create online casino - proceed to Step 1: How to open online casino. If you want to make an affiliate website (very cheap and much easier to make) - you need to understand what an affiliate gambling site is.

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Affiliate gambling site

Affiliates are called partners of virtual gambling clubs. Such specialists advertise the products offered by casinos in various ways. They receive money for attracting new customers to the gambling establishment, who spend money on gambling. A good example would be affiliate gambling at

Step 1: How to open online casino

Almost all working online casinos are sites hosted on foreign domains and servers. Using such a method, you do not violate the legislation of the targeted country because you registered your business and legally you are completely clear. Most often such sites are registered in Malta, Costa Rica and other popular jurisdictions which allow online gambling.

For the turnkey solutions for registration of gambling business on offshore you can go to specialized companies. There are many firms offering legal consulting services, of course they will have their own interest in such deals. You will need to conclude an agreement and transfer the amount you’ve agreed on for the services to the bank account of the firm. Afterwards team of professionals will be always ready to help with the opening of the company which will be able operate in online gambling niche completely legal.

Otherwise, you will need to do everything yourself, namely:

  • Create company
  • Obtain gambling license of your choice
  • Select and buy domain name
  • Find gaming providers and make contracts with them
  • Design and Create website
  • Find reliable PSP (Payment Service Provider)
  • Create unique API platform to host each provider

So, in this case it’s much easier to do it trough third-party, since they have all-in-one solutions, but it will cost you two-three times more than doing it yourself.

Step 2: Organizing a gambling business

To start gambling business, you need to create\buy emulators of slots and other casino games on the site, which, in turn, will require capital to buy\create software. In online environment you can find dozens of different software providers and developers. The best way is to make contracts with such big names in iGaming industry as iSoftBet, Microgaming, NetEnt, Play n Go and several others. The cost of software depends on its class. For example, there are luxe programs, the price of which can go up to one million dollars. Such products will be developed exclusively for your gambling platform and will never be available elsewhere.

You should not choose the cheapest software, because you run the risk of having problems with the work of the site, which leads to loss of profit. Before choosing read reviews, study the software developers, because the quality software for the gaming site is the basis of its stable and efficient operation. And last but not least, good software is the key to your financial success.

Also, an important point is communication with the client and fast solution of arising problems. For technical support of the online casino and administration of the site, it is necessary to hire specialists for such work.

Step 3: Marketing

The next step is to conduct a campaign to promote and advertise the online casino. The new site will need to attract users. It is necessary to invest in promotion, as well as to deal with the dissemination of positive reviews and information about the casino.

Step 4: Budget planning

Once you have decided on the costs of the license, software and marketing services, you need to plan your budget. The best solution for a startup is to plan a budget for at least a year.

Running an online casino is quite a complicated job. Once the project is launched, it is necessary to ensure that the site is constantly maintained, that it runs smoothly, that the software is regularly updated and users are happy with the services you provide.

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