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FC Porto - Juventus

02/17 20:00
Added 2021/02/16 15:23 | 2 thanks
  • Yes: 66.7%
  • No: 4.8%
  • No Opinions: 28.6%
  • Voted: 21

Pick: 3way Ordinary Time Juventus @2.080 7/10 -7.00

Porto team is struggling at the moment. They ended their last 4 games in a draw. They conceded 5 goals. Of course, Juventus lost their last match against Napoli but we can't forget that it is a big fight in the Serie A league this season. Juve conceded only 2 goals in the last 8 games while they played against Roma twice, Inter and Napoli. I believe that Juve will have power and will win against Porto.

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