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USA - FIBA World Cup
09/15 07:30
Added 2019/08/03 00:09 | 2 thanks
  • Yes: 53.5%
  • No: 23.3%
  • No Opinions: 23.3%
  • Voted: 43

Pick: USA (will not win a championship) @3.410 7/10 +16.87

This years Team USA are lacking shooting, playmakers and some solid defenders their main strength is speed and athleticism. Team is built full of players with a lack of IQ. They’re a young team therefore psychologically they will be pressed and they have to also follow the FIBA rules. Now with Drummond not there who dominates the board that will turn out to be a big loss for a team whose already handicapped with players not wanting to play. USA used to have their best players and still get tested before and now they don’t have that superstar.

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