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Garin Christian - Haase Robin
06/12 09:00
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  • Yes: 34.8%
  • No: 17.4%
  • No Opinions: 47.8%
  • Voted: 23

Pick: Haase Robin @2.200 8/10 -8.00

Netherlands. Grass

Robin has been looking very engaged in this tournament despite his engagement being up and down normally. However, in the first round he came through and showed great character after a tough fight. Haase can play on any surface, however he does have his weaknesses and normally is missing something. Last year, he did look great on grass and he doesn't lack confidence and most importantly he has a strong serve and can hit that ball with some serious power.

Garin is more of a Clay surface players who spends more time playing on Clay. Of course, he's still young and may have not shown that he can play on other surfaces yet, however it does look like he prefers Clay more than anything else. Grass is a new surface for him, although for 2 years he has shown that he can qualify for Wimbledon. Regardless on the road against the fans home player won't be easy for him.

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