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Villarreal - Valencia
04/11 19:00
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  • Yes: 50.0%
  • No: 18.2%
  • No Opinions: 31.8%
  • Voted: 22

Pick: Villarreal (Asian handicap 0) @2.130 10/10 -10.00

I don't understand how Valencia can be favourite of this match. Valencia team hasn't lost 17 games in a row but it ended last weekend. They are in the 6th place in Spain, they are down by 4 points from Getafe team which is in the 4th position. They reached the final in Copa Del Rey. They fight for 3 titles. Soler and Coquelin will miss the game. Meanwhile, Villarreal team doesn't fight for anything, except Europa league. They will have motivation to play against opponent. They didn't lose against Barca, Real, Atletico, Valencia while they smashed Sevilla at home.

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