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Real Madrid - Eibar
04/06 14:15
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  • Yes: 33.3%
  • No: 16.7%
  • No Opinions: 50.0%
  • Voted: 6

Pick: Real Madrid (-1.5) @1.920 7/10 -7.00

"It is hard to motivate players when you know that you can't win any title this season" This is what Zidane said after they lost against Valencia. I was shocked because football players should be motivated for every game. But they must feel motivation when they are playing at home. They ended with such handicap 7 of 15 times. Eibar won only 1 away match this season. They have serious problems in defense. However, they lost only in 3 of 14 matches with such handicap. However, Eibar will play without Arbila, Diop.

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