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Top goalscorer - S. Aguero
05/12 15:00
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  • Yes: 50.0%
  • No: 10.0%
  • No Opinions: 40.0%
  • Voted: 10

Pick: Over @2.370 10/10 -10.00

I would have picked up Kane before the season but he is injured. The other two players are Salah and Aubameyang but Arsenal team is playing poorly in away matches and they don't fight for a title, he will have to play in Europa league. Klopp mentioned that their main goal is to win Premier league. Teams are going to play with full squad but he is not the only one striker.

Aguero missed 6 games because of the injuries this season but he scored the same amount of goals as Salah did. He should play in the starting line up because Jesus is injured at the moment.

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