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JL Bourg - Chalon/Saone
10/01 18:45
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Pick: Over (163.5) @1.950 10/10 +9.50

Both teams were always overish in the league but at the beginning of the seaosn Bourg can't find the rythm at the moment besides their total in the first two matches were ~163.5 against Elan Bearnais (ended 72-64) and ~160 against Nanterre on the road (ended 85-64). Bourg had 164.2 total points average in the previous season, meanwhile Chalon/Saone 164.3 average of total points and these numbers are impressive. Chalon/Saone first two games this season total 155.5 and 162.5 so bookmakers also knows that these teams hasn't changed a lot comparing to the previous season.
These teams usually outscoring their total in the h2h meetins and there is a last two results of their meetings: 96-90, 93-99. I don't think that something will change in this game too especially when Bourg played really poor on their first two games. I predict here a 170+ points game.

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  • amoser

    Easy, thank you!

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  • Easy, thank you!

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