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kareda 1993
Real Madrid - Liverpool
05/26 18:45
Added 2018/05/25 14:07 | 1 thanks
  • Yes: 30.0%
  • No: 10.0%
  • No Opinions: 60.0%
  • Voted: 10

Pick: Real Madrid (handicap (-1.5)) @3.700 7/10 +18.90

Hello. I want to give one more option. I think it is better to pick up this option than a simple Real Madrid victory. Firstly, it is the final and it is usually not end by one goal difference because you need to risk at the end of the match and try to equalize the result. Liverpool has problems in defense and they try to score more goals than their opponents. If you think about Real victory, you should pick op this option or that Real will become champions.

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