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Houston Rockets - Golden State Warriors
05/25 01:05
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Pick: Over (Kevin Durant 30.5 pts) @1.850 8/10 -8.00

Well well well. I dont even know what to expect anymore from these playoffs. I did not see golden state blowing a home game and now I don't really know if they can advance because Iguodala and Klay are both hurt so even if they play they wont be 100%. Because of Iggy and Klay not being able to be 100%, I fully expect Durant to take over the offense completely tonight and drop a lot of points. KD didnt shoot well in the last game which is more of a reason for me to believe that he will bounce back because players as such don't go through consecutive bad games often. KD still managed to drop 27 in the last game while shooting poorly. Curry tends to play very average on the road which should hopefully mean he'll pass up some shots and KD gets more of those. KD scored 38 and 37 IN Houston during these playoffs, this is really his moment to step up and produce for the hobbled up Warriors. It wont be easy but I'm expecting at least 35 from Durant tonight.

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