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Brazil - Total Group Points
06/22 15:00
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Pick: Brazil (9 points) @2.500 8/10 -8.00

Another Brazil pick. I have already said how much confidence I have in this team. Brazil will face Switzerland Costa Rica and Serbia in the groupstages. These are all teams that are waaaay inferior to Brazil. They will open the world cup against Switzerland who will be the toughest opponent and I fully expect brazil to batter them. Brazil have way too much talent for switzerland who's top players havent really performed all season, Shaqiri failed to keep stoke up, Xhaka didnt do much for arsenal, other players aren't anywhere near as good as Brazil's superteam. Then they'll face Costa Rica who's lets be honest are gonna have no chance, they had their amazing world cup 4 years ago but I doubt we'll see a repeat, they can't compete with brazil that's gonna be about a 4-0 game. Brazil will finish the world cup against serbia which slightly worried because they may have the next round clinched and will rotate, however Brazil do have great depth chart and if they mix their squad around I still think they're far better than the average Serbian side. I think brazil will breeze past this group with ease. 3-0 vs SWI 4-0 vs CRC and 2-1 vs SRB

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