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kareda 1993
Lithuania Rytas - Torino
01/24 17:00
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  • Yes: 25.5%
  • No: 48.9%
  • No Opinions: 25.5%
  • Voted: 47

Pick: Torino @3.400 7/10 -7.00

I was criticized that I picked up Torino against Lithuania Rytas. But I can understand that because many people pick up their bets by emotions but not facts. I think I will be criticized once again. Vilnius has almost no chance to get into the next round. They are playing poorly and they can't improve it because they have weak players who make critical mistakes at the end of the games. I also think that it is impossible to make his tactics with such squad. Torino is playing much better and they are just a better team. I think this will be enough to win this game.

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