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kareda 1993
Manchester United - Manchester City
12/10 16:30
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  • Yes: 33.3%
  • No: 19.0%
  • No Opinions: 47.6%
  • Voted: 42

Pick: Manchester City @2.210 10/10 +12.10

This is one of the best bets this week. City and United are leaders of the league but I think they are at different levels. City is one of the best teams in the whole world. They won 20 games in a row and this proves that fact. United is playing unstably. They pay a lot of attention to their defense. Manchester United will play without Pogba. So, City will have a bigger advantage. Someone can say that City is not playing well at the moment but I think they are just not motivated enough. It happens when you win 20 matches in a row. But this game will be important. If City wins this game, they will make a huge step for the Premier league title. So this time they will be motivated enough.

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