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Toronto Raptors - Washington Wizards
11/19 20:30
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Pick: Over (213) @1.952 10/10 -10.00

Both teams have a great players who can score. Raptors are a good defensive team but they often plays like their opponents let them play. In this match these players like Derozan or Lowry would have a lot of space against Wizards because they are not so great in defense. Lately Wizards played with a lot of teams that are not so good in offense. One of the main reason that I believe Washington will end their under total loosing streak because of the last game against Heat they score only 29 points in 1st half and finished only with 88 points. Time to shine in offense for Wizards but Raptors are not the Heat, Kings or Lakers who have young players and still developing their team.

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