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Olympiakos - Baskonia
10/12 18:00
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Pick: Over (154.5) @1.980 8/10 -8.00

Olympiakos changed completely in summer and they should be that very slow and defensive team like before. They added Strielnieks, Hollis Thompson, Bryan Roberts and Jamel Mcclean to their roster who are very strong offensively but very poor defensively. Spanoulis will not play in this game, who is the reason why Olympiakos played very slow. Baskonia also changed completely in the summer. They lost best defender in the euroleague Adam Hanga and all the players they bought are completely offesive minded players, like Mcrae, Huertas, Delfino, Timma. Even Graynger plays very fast tempo in this team. Thei results in 3 Acb games were 169, 170 and 182 points. Baskonia have very big problems in defense but their offense in super strong, that is why these teams should score more than 154 points.
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Should NOT be that very slow and defensive team like before

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