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Evaluation of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

We now have the final results of the FIFA World Cup 2014 as Germany managed to get the trophy with Argentina being the runner-up. As for the other two countries of the final four Netherlands getting the third place and hosting country Brazil finishing fourth.

Each level in the competition ended with half of the teams saying “Adios” to the tournament starting with 32 teams and going through the last 16 , 8 , 4 , 2 and 1. So the final four teams went through 7 matches in almost a period of one month which is easier said then done.

That is why this competition is once every four years and carries the highest merits of football from each continent. The next destination is Russia in 2018.

Now let us evaluate what we have observed in this 64 games during the tournament:

1 – Hospitality provided by Brazil as a genuine hosting country has been beyond expectations as we very well know the inherent sensuality and devotion of Latin countries to welcoming people in any area.

2 – Almost full attendance of every single match of 64 has once again reiterated the attraction to football which is independent of race , religion and country.

3 – FIFA has wisely allowed the refereeing to be tolerant as much as they can so as to enable players to stay in the game and play freely to show their talent.

4 – Positive football always wins at the of the day against negative football as this tournament will be remembered as the last one who allowed only few countries to practice such negativity.

5 – Team work always surpasses the individual celebrities as 11 players combine to make a football team reminding us not only the 11 players on the pitch that matters but also the remaining players on the bench are also as important..

6 – All the statistics and mathematics end when the kick-off is made and can never influence the following 90+ or 120+ minutes which makes the whole name of the football so exciting and unpredictable.

7 – FIFA may have to look into the structure of the tournament particularly into the group matches whereby in the existing system top two teams from each group of eight carry on to the last 16. Why not to add another 8 matches to allow the second and third teams from different groups to meet in order to fix the other 8 teams in addition to the leaders of each group. This is successfully employed in basketball. This will mean of course an addition of another 8 games and another full week but if we enjoy four weeks why not try the five-week tournament!

8 – This tournament again and again has proven the “Fair Play” concept which is consistently stressed by FIFA.

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