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Evaluation of the FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil After 56 Matches Played

As the last 16 teams played in order to qualify for the quarter finals we now have 4 out of 10 American Teams and 4 out of 13 European Teams with no teams from Africa nor Asia, meaning;
Americans managing 40% efficiency and Europeans 31% efficiency in terms of  starting number of countries.

The last 8 teams face each other as follows:

– Brazil-Colombia
– France-Germany
– Netherlands-Costa Rica
– Argentina-Belgium

Which means at least one country from each continent will go to the semi-finals. Which 4 of these is any one’s guess as these games are played on a knock-out form and as we have vividly seen in the last 8 matches 5 out of which even went into extra time, no one is ready to predict the the final 4.

Now that 7/8 th of the all matches accomplished we can summarise the following guesstimates in terms of the future of the football:


  • The goal-line and the 10 yard (9.144 mt.) distance being set by the usage of chemical spray are just thew two starting technological starters into the game of football and this will certainly follow into the other areas of the game.
  • Defensive football has been definitely replaced by the offensive football , at least by defensive-offensive football which is going to help us watch more creative football.
  • Any football match cannot be determined before the kick-off , it can only be guessed.
  • Football is an open game for any young talented players more than before without depending on race nor on place.
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