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Evaluation of The FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil After 60 Matches Played

Brazil – Germany and Argentina – Netherlands

Each team has an equal chance of 25% to get the trophy and these four countries together with several other countries were the favourites before the tournament started. Latin American and European football are so interdependent that it is any one’s guess to place the champion. However one thing is clear that the one who plays positively and perseveringly will inevitably get the top title.

All these countries have managed to qualify to play the maximum possible 7 matches in the tournament which is just one reason to congratulate all of them.

Like in every aspect of life, football is always after positive play and concentration. Negativity never pays back in the long run as this tournament has once again shown that defensive football has evaporated forever thanks to FIFA allowing the referees to use as few yellow and red cards as possible, hence enabling the number of goals reaching one of the highest levels in the history of World Cup.

Now that 15/16 th of the all 64 matches accomplished we are left to watch only 4 games before we close Brazil 2014 tournament which has by all means been very thriling in terms of goals , new stars as well as the full attendance match by match without whom football means nothing at all.

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